ART SPACE FOR SPACE ART is a unique art event in space and a global initiative to define the flag for the universe – a historic project for our mankind. You might ask yourself what is the link between art and space? Space and the dream to find a second earth in the universe always carried a tremendous fascination for people, while the desire to dive into a new world is also an important task of art. The way we explore the galaxy is changing dramatically since the last years with huge private investments of Richard Branson, Elon Musk and other visionaries. Now it gets time for the “Space 2.0” mission of contemporary art. The initiating artist Bjoern Thomas will trigger this by flying personally into space to execute an art project outside the spacecraft. This should not only geographically widen the horizon of the human world. This initiative might help to self-reflect, inspires in following your “no limits, no boarders” dreams but also offers other artists an opportunity to take actively part in this unique cultural event. The ART SPACE FOR SPACE ART initiative will be executed in 2 main steps, a major space escape project on earth called “ART SPACE” in 2015 and an amazing “SPACE ART” project during a suborbital trip with a real spacecraft in 2017 or 2018. Bjoern Thomas started already with his astronaut training.


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„This initiative is so unique and inspiring that I love to contribute“  

Guido Argentini (photo artist, Italy/USA)

„SPACE ART gains importance due to the shift from a scientific discovery to an influence on our entire humanity. I hope that my work with the title reflects this“

Frank van Hemert (painter, Netherlands)

„The overview perspective on our earth inspires me in my daily work as an artist“

H.G. Esch (photo artist, Germany)

„I’m proud to be part of this international mission to define the SPACE FLAG – a symbol that influences next generations“

Igor Skaletsky (painter, Israel/Russia)

„We are just a speck of dust in the vastness of the cosmos but we are filled with that space which is a part of each and every one of us“

Manuela Zervudachi (sculpture artist, France)

„To develop a flag that can describe space with it’s inscrutability and originality is a challenging task. I am happy to participate in this unique art project“

Nike Seifert (painter, Germany)

The benefit for participating artists are as follows:

1. Global media presence of this project
2. Show visibility to the top art community (galleries, collectors, museums)
3. $2000US for the winner

The discovery of the universe requires an adequate symbol. Artists are representing our society and have the creative power to think out of the „earth box“ and therefore are the right source to design the flag for the universe. It is planned to choose such important symbol from proposals of at least 200 artists. But why 200 – We have around 200 countries on earth with different ethnic roots and such symbol should offer all countries an opportunity to participate.

Each artist can do only one proposal. Each proposal could be a drawing, painting, photography, textile work, sculpture or mixed media. The application has to be done online via the application format including an upload of the artwork as a JPG image. Each participating artist will be mentioned on the webpage and a selection of proposals will be shown on the webpage. The winning proposal will be printed as a flag and then taken on it’s journey to space. The artwork will be photographed with the space craft camera on the journey to suborbit by the artist Bjoern Thomas. The selection of the flag for the space is done by an independent committee which is represented by top caliber representatives from the international art, business and space industry.

Please send your Space Flag artwork in JPG including your contact details (name, address, nationality, date of birth) to the following e-mail address:


By participating, each participating artist agrees to the potential publication of his works by the Art-Space-for-Space-Art organization. The participating artist waive payment of fees in any form or raise any claims against the organizers of this tender. The artist authorizes the Art-Space-for-Space-Art organization to use exclusively his provided artwork and mention his name for all media (print and media products as well as internet and film) as part of the Art-Space-for-Space-Art initiative. A temporal, spatial or semantic restriction of the use is not agreed.

The candidate selected by the selection committee as official winner of the competition, will receive a prize in the amount of $ 2000US and transfers with the offered prize money all image rights to the Art-Space-for-Space-type organization, with the aim to use this proposal, whether modified or in their original form for the flag of the universe, suborbit or space. A temporal, spatial or semantic restriction of the use is not agreed. The artist name will not anymore mentioned in combination with the flag besides the announcements during the competition.

The Art-Space-for-Space-Art organization assures that the imagery for purposes of criminal or tortious acts or reputational.


You can only send your own artwork that you have full rights on.

Your JPG image should have at least 1000px width (5MB maximum).

The photo of your artwork / design for the Space Flag must look professional and show the artwork in full.

Please share a JPG file which shows your complete name in the file name.


Bjoern Thomas


What is Bjoern Thomas’s role in this unique project?

He is the visionary initiator, organizer and exclusive photographer of the ART SPACE and SPACE ART project phase. Bjoern prepares himself with the required training to cope with the technical and physical requirements due to the supersonic speed or gavitation forces while broadcasting the first art project in space. Bjoern Thomas is a globetrotter and worked for almost 6 years in more than 20 countries on all continents. I use photography in an experimental way or to discover foreign elements prevalent in our society, exploring sub-cultures one does not personally understand. Examples for this are my gangster pictures or images from real sumo fighters. Many of my projects are difficult to implement in other eyes, but not for me. His work has been shown in the last year at SCOPE ART MIAMI, SHANGHAI ART FAIR, ART FAIR COLOGNE or instantaneously SAATCHI MUSEUM in London on a screen. The publication of my artistic creations lead already to far more than half a million clicks on my website or personal iTunes channel. Besides the art photography I gained an engineering degree from an university in Germany and MBA degree from Purdue, which is famous in the space and aerospace industry. Those multiple experiences lead me partly to this dream and supports me in realizing the unique ART SPACE FOR SPACE ART project.




30.09.2017 Selection committee decision on the flag for the universe based on the received artist works.

30.07.2017 Deadline for artists to provide a proposal for the flag of the universe (updated).

05.10.2015 Finalizing the ART SPACE shooting in the Californian desert.

2015 Exhibiting some artist proposals and ART SPACE results.


2017 it is planned that Bjoern Thomas will take the winning artist proposal printed as a flag with him in the space craft to „place it“ in space. His photo of the flag will be taken in suborbit from a gorgeous overview perspective in front of the earth.

Artists requiered
Days to go

My personal message to you.

Just watch the video where Bjoern Thomas describes his vision and the unique project


The Project Stages

The ART SPACE FOR SPACE ART initiative will be executed in 2 main steps, a major space escape project on earth called „ART SPACE“ in 2015 and an amazing „SPACE ART“ project during my suborbital trip with a real spacecraft in 2017. On the final suborbital flight, Bjoern Thomas will take the flag  into the sub-orbit and takes pictures from the flag in zero gravity in front of our earth. This unique event will be broadcasted to the earth in real-time. 

200 Artists needed

The ART SPACE project phase requires an involvement of around 200 artists from all countries in the world to design their proposal for the flag of the space or universe. A similar number of actors will represent our mankind on earth in the Mojave desert while a merry-go-around will be used as an symbol for our childhood, gravity and it’s analogy to the biblical Ark Noah. The unique picture will be taken from a helicopter perspective.


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